Please allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Gerry Pearson I’m 58 years young I have been playing harmonica for over 40 years. My greatest influence in music is from my Dad who was very talented and could play anything without even having any previous experience with the instrument. When he first heard me play he said” You’ll Never be able to play that thing even the neighbours dog is whinning when you do” Boy reverse Psychology sure worked with me! I finally figured out that to play the harmonica you had to think of it as whistling a tune and from that point on it was Easy. Just before my father passed away he told me “remember when I told you that you would never be able to play? Well son you have come a long way and I have to tell you that I love the way you can play.” At my Dad’s funeral I played a song in his memory “smile with two harmonicas one in crossharp and the other in straight I only wish he could have heard it. Paul Butterfield, James Cotton, Charlie Musselwhite, Sonny Boy Williamson, Little Walter Horton, Muddy Waters, George Harmonica Smith, Taj Mahal, Junior Wells, Howling Wolf and John Mayall have all influenced my playing especially Paul Butterfield. In the late 70’s I learned to play guitar and had my own band  along with my Bro John that played strictly original tunes. We used to rent halls and fill them playing just our original tunes. In 97 I moved from Montreal to St Albert where I stagnated for a few years not knowing anyone and finally heard of an open Stage @ Bud’s ran by Carmen Cook. This is where I was revitalized and continue to play as often as I Can. Thanks to my Daughter Jen who  gave me this website for Christmas A Special Thanks to Chad Tymko for getting back up and running again.  With this site I can post Jams for anyone who wants or needs the opportunity to play and share their Talent with the community. This website dedicated to ” A Place where Musicians meet”  I  am presently promoting Blues Emporium, Big Daddy and the BluesHounds and Jams using the ReverbNation Player on

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